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We will grow into the largest organization in Estonia, which, with the support of recurring donors, contributes to the creation of a better Estonia.


To make charity more popular, effective, and efficient in Estonia through recurring donations - we help people help others.

Why now?

We believe that Estonia and Estonians are ready to support those who need it the most!

How was I Help Estonia started?

Young people today feel that they do not have to choose between their own well-being and the well-being of others - there are many ways to help.

Estonia’s dream has long been to reach the same level as Western Europe in terms of opportunities. Life is never perfect; there is always something to change that could be different, and those who suffer unjustly. However, we have seen life improve step by step! There is so much to be grateful for! We live in a country that is becoming safer, access to education and health care is getting better, wages are rising, and many people do not just have to figure out how to get food on the table tomorrow. Our culture is rich, and our ideas are world-class!

As always, the success of many does not mean the success of all. There are always those who need help and support. That is what a real welfare society means – we notice and help everyone!

In an ideal world, opportunities to create a better life come with opportunities to help others. One option is to wait for others / country / anyone to do something, but this is not the best solution. It is best to do something yourself and set an example!

The idea of I Help Estonia is to bring together those who have something to give to those who need something. Donations are mostly raised by young people – they can give them the time and courage to spread the message. Estonian people can contribute with a permanent donation or at least by introducing this idea to others. I Help Estonia allows organizations to find resources if they would otherwise have a short hand or skills!

I'm happy to donate, but sometimes it's hard to make the best choice where the money goes to those in need. I am glad that I Help Estonia offers such an opportunity! I am a recurring donor with my family!
Jaak Roosaare
Author, investor
I am very pleased that you are thinking of supporting organizations that help victims of domestic violence! We fear that as a result of COVID-19, the number of appeals by women and children will increase over the next 18-24 months, and any kind of help is welcome!
Pille Tsopp-Pagan
CEO of Women's support and Information Centre
Thank you so much for working with organizations that not only solve problems that have already arisen but also help to prevent them!
Kersti Loor
Kersti Loor
CEO of Junior Achievement

Partners - organizations supported by your recurring donation!

If you also wish to cooperate with us, please write to info@aitaneestit.ee

We support people in distress due to the war in Ukraine.

Your donation will help cover the basic expenses of Ukrainians forced to leave their country.
You can make a donation to the current account of Aitan Eestit MTÜ EE127700771007790891 or through credit card here.