Today, 180 young people from the Southwestern Advantage program are knocking on the doors of kind people all over Estonia to help Estonian and Ukrainian children who feel worried, afraid or in immediate danger. Donations are collected for the chat created by SOS Children’s Village.

The goal of the 15th Spring Knock this year is to collect 80 000 euros.

People whose doors the students cannot reach as part of today’s campaign, but who want to help, can support the project by visiting the SOS lasteküla website or by calling the donation numbers 900 66 70 (€5), 900 66 80 (€10), 90066 90 (€25).

Open your door and your heart! 😉

Donation numbers for SOS Lasteküla chat:

900 6670 (5€)

900 6680 (10€)

900 6690 (25€)

If everyone helps a little,
​​ we can do a lot together!


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By calling, you donate €10


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We are growing into the largest organization in Estonia, which, with the support of regular donors, contributes to the creation of a better Estonia.


To make charity more popular, effective and effective in Estonia through permanent donations - we help people help others.

Why now?

We believe that Estonia and Estonians are ready to support those who need it the most!

How was the Aitan Eestit MTÜ born?

You don't have to choose between your own well-being and that of others - you can help in many ways

Every beginning comes from a small change – we reject indifference, become more caring, notice people around us, include our loved ones. In this way, the circle of people who want to do good for their community expands. There are some major charity funds in Estonia that receive millions in grants. In order to be able to help smaller actors as well, we are looking for caring people to join the Aitan Eestit permanent donor community. This way we can also ensure the stability of smaller organizations and change the future of Estonia! The feeling of a good deed is inexplicably sublime.

As always, the success of many does not mean the success of all. There are always those who need help and support. This is exactly what a real welfare society means – we notice and help everyone!

In an ideal world, opportunities to create a better life for yourself are accompanied by opportunities to help others.One option is to wait until others/country/anyone does something, but it is not the best solution. It is best to do something yourself and set an example!

The idea of Aitan Eestit is to bring together those who have something to give with those who need something. The collection of donations is mostly done by young people – they can give their time and courage to spread this message. Estonian people can contribute with a permanent donation or at least by introducing this idea to others. Aitan Eestit MTÜ enables organizations to find funds if they would otherwise lack a helping hand or skills!

It can be difficult for non-governmental organizations dealing with prevention and contributing to the systemic solution of major social problems to collect donations themselves. Aitan Eestit MTÜ fills a very important gap in the Estonian charity scene.

Ingi Mihkelsoo
CEO of SA Kiusamisvaba Kool

For us, new has always been someone's old, both bed linen, blankets, pillows and towels. This brand new one is royal! The child asked where we get these good things. I said that a good aunt will help because she knows that mommy is raising you alone and can't buy all these things herself. Thank you, whoever can create this decent feeling for us!

Happy mother
Beneficiary through MTÜ DoGood

I'm so glad you're thinking about supporting organizations that help victims of domestic violence! The number of appeals by women and children has increased over the past few years, and help to provide a child psychologist and legal assistance to women is very much needed!

Pille Tsopp-Pagan
CEO of Naiste Tugi- ja Teabekeskus

Partners - organizations supported by your permanent donation!

If you also want to cooperate with us, please write to

Aitan Eestit MTÜ, bases its activities on the Code of Ethics of Non-governmental Organizations.

Aitan Eestit MTÜ follows the good practice of collecting donations

A good donation collector

The results of the charity competition MINA AITAN EESTIT 2023 have been announced.

In total, more than 130 groups or classes participated, some good deeds were also done together with the entire kindergarten or school.

Nõo Veskijärve III triathlon

will take place on Saturday, July 13, 2024. More information coming soon...

We support people who are in trouble because of the war in Ukraine.

Your donation will help cover the basic necessities of Ukrainians forced to leave their homeland.
You can make a donation to the current account of Aitan Eestit MTÜ EE127700771007790891 or through the bank link here.