Kiusamisvaba Kool SA

The mission of Kiusamisvaba Kool is to make Estonian schools bully-free

For that:

  • the scientific and evidence-based bullying reduction program KiVa is distributed in Estonia (read more about the program here);
  • schools are assisted in implementing anti-bullying measures and
  • efforts are being made to raise awareness about bullying and ways to reduce and control it.

In its activities, KiVa is based on the statutes of the foundation and the code of ethics of non-governmental organizations.

The entire school family is involved in the KiVa program – teachers, students and parents. Thanks to KiVa, everyone involved learns to recognize bullying, react to bullying incidents and solve them. Emphasis is placed on awareness of the role of spectators.

The three pillars of the program are prevention activities, resolution of bullying incidents, and evaluation and analysis of results.