The mission of the MTÜ Vaikuseminutid is to teach practical and evidence-based skills to cope well with one’s emotions, stress and concentration through directing one’s attention.

The NGO works to ensure that practical skills to support a person’s psychological well-being are widely used in society, so that everyone can be more caring towards themselves and others.

A “toolkit” of versatile attention and peace of mind exercises has been created. You can find a selection of these effective exercises that help you get out of distracted thoughts, disturbing emotions or a tense state here. A free app has also been created for convenient use of the exercises.
The effectiveness of the minutes of silence program and exercises has been confirmed by a study conducted by the University of Tartu (see here for details).

MTÜ Vaikuseminutid offers practical support to all those interested in order to cultivate the ability to concentrate, balance and inner peace through the study of mindfulness. This is most effectively done through the NGO’s multi-part courses, the focus of which is experiential learning of skills to create practical change.

A very important direction in the activities of the MTÜ Vaikuseminutid is the training of teachers in schools and kindergartens. A teacher’s ability to support his own well-being also strongly affects the well-being of children. Teachers also receive training on how to conduct attention and calmness exercises with children. Thatway, In this way, children can start using psychological well-being skills independently

Another important direction of activity is contributing to the mental well-being of people working in the healthcare and social fields, who, while supporting others, are themselves a very large NGO. The experience so far shows that they can in turn use the acquired methodology to support their patients and others and prevent mental health problems, which is why, in summary, this can result in hundreds of income or thousands of people, preventing much suffering and saving resources.