Laste ja Noorte Kriisiprogramm MTÜ

Who we are and what we do?

Help a child find joy! Support a camp program for children who have lost their loved ones.

The mission of the MTÜ Laste ja Noorte Kriisiprogramm has been to provide support to children, young people and families who have lost a loved one and they have done this for 25 years. To date, more than 1,000 children and young people have participated in children’s mourning support camps. When including the people who have received individual support, the number of people receiving assistance is much-much higher.
The program is free for families. This has been made possible by the support of the government and local authorities, which unfortunately has usually not been sufficient. Thus, donor organizations and individuals have been of great help.

More about us

Why do we operate?
Often, a child’s grief and depression are so intense and deep that it is difficult for an adult to reach them. The child may be left alone with his painful feelings and thoughts. Insufficient skills of teachers and the issues of family members prevent the child from being supported. Loss has a habit of affecting the daily life in the long run. For example, changes in behavior, difficulty concentrating and communicating, various unexpressed fears, and health problems may occur.
What could we do with a recurring donation?
The support helps the MTÜ Laste ja Noorte Kriisiprogramm to implement activities to support families with children who have lost a loved one. By noticing children in mourning, the child’s family can help to cope better with their loss. Laste ja Noorte Kriisiprogramm helps and supports. You can also help a child find joy!
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