I Help Estonia Privacy Policy 

Conditions posted: 26.05.2020

Conditions entered into force: 26.05.2020


Like most other websites, I Help Estonia also collects data on visits to the website www.aitaneestit.ee. This will help us understand how useful the website is and what could be improved.

I Help Estonia’s data collection practices are in accordance with this Privacy Policy, where you will find detailed information about what data I Help Estonia collects, how I Help Estonia uses them and who has access to them.

I Help Estonia has set itself the goal of being a reliable partner for you in processing personal data and respecting your rights. Accordingly, we have established a privacy policy regarding the collection, use, disclosure, transmission, and storage of website visitor data.

The privacy policy is based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679. The purpose of the privacy policy is to protect the privacy of visitors in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia and the legislation of the European Union.

Please take the time to read this privacy policy and contact I Help Estonia if you have any questions or suggestions.


  1. TERMS

1.1. The Data Subject is a natural person about whom I Help Estonia has information on or information with which it is possible to identify the natural person. Data subjects are, for example, self-employed program candidates, cooperation partners, and employees for whom I Help Estonia has Personal Data.
1.2. The Privacy Policy is this text, which sets out the principles of I Help Estonia’s Personal Data Processing.
1.3. Personal Data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.
1.4. Personal Data Processing is any operation performed on the Data Subject’s Personal Data. For example, the collection, storage, organization, storage, modification and disclosure of personal data, access, retrieval and retrieval, use, transmission, cross-use, aggregation, closure, deletion or destruction, or several of the mentioned operations, regardless of the manner in which the operations are performed and the means used.
1.5. Website www.aitaneestit.ee is I Help Estonia’s website.
1.6. Visitor is a person who uses or visits the I Help Estonia website.
1.7. Services are all kinds of services and products offered by I Help Estonia.
1.8. Cookies are data files that are sometimes stored on the Visitor’s device.
1.9. Data Processor is a person who follows the application of the principles of Personal Data Processing in Estonia and whom the Data Subject can contact in case of a complaint.

In the Privacy Policy and in communication between the parties, the terms are used in the meaning indicated above.

  1. Data Processor

It is possible to contact the Data Protection Officer of I Help Estonia by email at: privacy@aitaneestit.ee. Data Processor is I Help Estonia (Aitan Eestit MTÜ). 

  1. What kind of data does I Help Estonia collect?

When visiting websites, non-personalized technical data about the Visitor is collected. The data is as follows:

3.1. Usage information – information related to the Visitor’s use of services, such as website browsing statistics, which is needed to know what information is most relevant to visitors, how often they visit the website, which browser and device they use, what content they mainly read to improve websites and service environments and make them more convenient for visitors.

I Help Estonia collects this data using the automated tool Google Analytics, which allows I Help Estonia to record and analyze how visitors use the website.

You may opt out of the collection of your data by Google Analytics at any time as described here.

3.2. General Information and Contacts – We do not process sensitive personal data as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR/EU Regulation 2016/679.

3.3. In cases where a visitor to the Website makes a donation (Donor) via the I Help Estonia website, we collect the following information about the visitor: e-mail address to keep the donors informed of where the donations have been directed; and the personal identification code of the Donor so that we can forward the necessary information to the Tax and Customs Board (for the application of the income tax exemption to the person).

3.3. Device information – the server that hosts the I Help Estonia website may store queries that the Visitor makes to the server. Device information relates to the devices that the Visitors use to access the Services, including IP addresses, browser type, the device used, access time, and so on. This data is used for technical purposes only – to ensure the proper functioning and security of the website and to investigate possible security incidents. IP addresses are not associated with personally identifiable information except in service environments where it is an additional security measure.

3.4. Cookies – are small text files that the website saves on the Visitor’s computer or mobile device when the Visitor visits the website. This allows the website to remember the Visitor’s activities and preferences (such as login, language, font size, and other display preferences) for an extended period of time so that the Visitor does not have to re-enter them when he/she revisits the website or moves from one page to another.

Cookies are only needed for the technical functioning of the website. However, it is important to note that if you do not agree to the use of cookies, certain features of the website may not work properly or may not work at all.

The legal basis for the use of cookies is I Help Estonia’s legitimate interest in ensuring the technical functionality of the website. If cookies are used to remember the Visitor’s choices or for statistical purposes, the legal basis is the Visitor’s consent.

More about cookies – see I Help Estonia’s terms of use for cookies. 

  1. Who has access to your data?

4.1. We are the main processor of your personal data. In certain cases, we may share personal information with third parties, but these third parties will only have access to the Personal Information in order to perform tasks on behalf of I Help Estonia in accordance with these Privacy Terms.

4.2. The statistics of visitors to the I Help Estonia website can be accessed by the I Help Estonia marketing and IT team, which is responsible for analyzing and updating the website’s data.

4.3. I Help Estonia partners who provide I Help Estonia with the website’s internal administration tools or host the website may have access to technical log files.

4.4. The Google Analytics tool is provided by Google Inc. (a US company) that has access to the statistics collected by this tool. Google Inc. is affiliated with the EU-US Privacy Shield List of EU and US Privacy Shield Data Protection Framework policies, which ensures that the offer meets the privacy standards required by the European Union. The service provider is also subject to contractual obligations aimed at ensuring privacy.

4.5.I Help Estonia may also disclose your information to third parties if required to do so by law or court order, but we do not sell it to advertisers or other third parties. Our goal is to protect all our Visitors and provide reliable services.

4.6. I Help Estonia will take all reasonable steps to protect the processed personal data. The personal data of all users will be treated as confidential information.

  1. How long does I Help Estonia store the data?

I Help Estonia uses the collected data for up to 7 years. If we no longer need the Visitor’s data for the purpose for which we collected it, we will definitely delete the data earlier.

  1. Data Subject’s rights and how to exercise the rights 

6.1. All persons have the right to access their personal data in service environments. By contacting I Help Estonia by e-mail at privacy@aitaneestit.ee, you can exercise your rights as follows:

  • request access to your personal data;
  • ask for the correction of your personal data;
  • request the deletion of your personal data;
  • withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data, if it is relevant.

6.2. In some cases, you may have the right to request a restriction on the processing of your personal data or to challenge the processing of your personal data.

6.3. You may exercise your rights in accordance with the requirements of applicable European Union and local legislation.

6.4. If you wish to opt out of direct marketing offers for all or some of the topics, you can do so immediately via the link in the footer of each marketing email you have received. The change will take effect immediately.

You can disable cookies in your browser settings or by visiting the following websites:

  1. Right of Appeal

If you think that your privacy has been violated, you can complain to the authority of the EU Member State where your permanent residence is located. Contact details for such authorities are available here.

  1. Children

I Help Estonia understands the need to protect children’s privacy, especially in the online environment. Our website is not intentionally designed or aimed at children under the age of 13. It is a rule for I Help Estonia not to consciously collect and store information about someone who is under 13 years old.

  1. Possible changes to the privacy policy

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time as needed. The dates at the top of this page indicate when this privacy policy was last modified and approved.

Any changes to this Privacy Policy will take effect when we post the changed Privacy Policy to www.aitaneestit.ee. Significant changes to our privacy policy will be notified at least 14 days before they take effect.

  1. Exceptions

These principles do not apply to the processing of data of legal entities, nor does it cover the processing of personal data on the websites to which our website refers (external links). The person representing the company (as contracting authority) is not a natural person; it is an authorized representative of a legal person whose processing of personal data is not regulated by REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL.

  1. Contacts

If you have any questions or complaints about the way we collect and process your personal information, please send an email to privacy@aitaneestit.ee.

12. Copyright

The use of materials on the I Help Estonia website or the creation of a link to the website is permitted only with the written permission of I Help Estonia, which can be requested by contacting Priit Märtin at privacy@aitaneestit.ee.