Junior Achievement Estonia

Who we are and what we do?

Junior Achievement Estonia's mission is to support the development of an entrepreneurial Estonia!

JA Estonia is a foundation that works to ensure that more entrepreneurs are established in Estonia and that all young people receive the financial knowledge, experience of entrepreneurship, and an entrepreneurial attitude necessary for a successful life already at school.

During the period of JA’s existence, more than 4,100 student companies have been established in Estonia, in which about 17,000 young people have been able to try to become entrepreneurs. In addition, thousands of young people have already learned their first money skills or entrepreneurial mindsets in primary or lower secondary school. AND Estonia has influenced the lives and decisions of thousands of people in their career choices and personal household.

As our main activity, we develop and offer economics and entrepreneurship education programs for schools from primary to upper secondary school, train teachers, and provide motivating events and training for young people. The best-known programs are student companies and job-shadowing days.

Junior Achievement

JA Estonia’s mission is:

  • to develop entrepreneurship among young people
  • to support business-oriented choices
  • to shape young people’s economic thinking

JA’s main activities are:

  1. preparation of study materials
  2. training of economics and business teachers
  3. organizing student events to support their programs
  4. sending students and teachers to foreign competitions, conferences, and other learning events
  5. informing society about the need for entrepreneurship education