Do Good MTÜ

Who we are and what we do?

Do Good MTÜ delivers things to those in need!

The non-profit organization Do Good is a charity founded in 2013. Our mission is to help and provide support to children in difficulty, single mothers in shelters and other people in need. The main activity of the NPO is collecting, sorting and delivering things to the needy in cooperation with supportive organizations (e.g. mother and child shelter, orphanages and shelters, Tallinna ja Harjumaa Lasterikaste Perede Liit, MTÜ Harjumaa Lasterikkad, etc.). Individuals can also contact us directly.

do Good

Our Activities

In addition to collecting things and delivering them to those in need, we have been organizing Barefoot Day for 6 years in a row. As part of the day, about 300 children and young people can spend one fun day free of charge – experience jobs through workshops or have fun together in playrooms, water parks or a cinema.

Every year in December, the Santa Claus’ post office opens its doors, where personalized Santa Claus letters are made for children with disabilities or in shelters, orphanages, families in difficulty, gifts are placed under their Christmas tree on Christmas morning and it is made sure that the Christmas table is set for families.

What could we do with the recurring donation money?

We have a lot of families we have been helping for years and we have a list of those in need. As part of the Christmas campaign, we would provide these families with decent household appliances. For example, there are many (large) families who have tiny refrigerators or very old washing machines. Sometimes there is no washing machine or vacuum cleaner at all. In addition, we would make sure that families get decent beds and mattresses. Many of our families sleep on sofas or on the floor on old mattresses.
During the Christmas campaign, there are also many families who ask for food instead of gifts, and we have fulfilled these wishes according to our possibilities. With a donation, we could help families spend Christmas worry-free.
It is also always difficult to find outdoor clothes and decent shoes for children over 120-130 cm tall, especially in the winter. In most cases, children’s clothes and shoes of these sizes are worn and gloves are worn. We would like to provide children with decent warm gloves, jackets, and boots.
In addition, such families often do not have the money to provide the family with vitamins during the winter season. We would also supply families with them.
For the campaign, we would definitely find partners from whom we could get the goods cheaper.