Naerata Ometi MTÜ

Who we are and what we do?

We help families in need, children, and people with health problems. Help us help!

We have supported a lot of Estonian people’s treatment abroad (China, Russia, Germany, Sweden, etc.) if there are not enough medical options in Estonia to treat the respective disease.


During Christmas, we are doing a traditional project “Christmas in the hospital”, in which we bring gifts to kids in the children’s wards of hospitals. Last year, we also involved several orphanages in the project and helped to fulfill children’s gift wishes with the help of other good people.

Naerata Ometi MTÜ has been operating since 2009, mainly helping families and children in need in Estonia, since 2020 we have decided to expand our activities to the Republic of Latvia, as we have already helped many families along the Latvian border.

Our main activity is to help families in need, children with special needs, and people with treatment problems, who are not adequately supported by the state today and who have faced hardships in life.



  • Implementation of projects aimed at children with special needs – we have mainly directed assistance to families who are in a difficult financial situation and are unable to provide the necessary assistance for their child themselves and who, unfortunately, are not sufficiently supported by the state.
  • Helping families in financial difficulties! – We have helped and will continue to help families in financial difficulties. Mainly with necessary items.
  • Assistance to children and adults with treatment problems – Supporting rehabilitation, surgeries, and treatment in foreign countries.
  • Counseling and guidance for children with special needs and their families – We cannot support all projects ourselves, but we are always ready to help with information and guide and counsel those in need.
  • Directing society’s attention to issues related to children with special needs and families in need! – We want society to become more caring, aware, and tolerant.