Naeratuse Eest SA

Who we are and what we do?

Everyone deserves a nice smile!


To find resources to support the coverage of dental care expenses of people in need of dental care in Estonia, to promote dental health and oral hygiene, and to inform the population about its importance.


All Estonians have healthy teeth and they know how to take good care of their teeth.


By 2025, the Foundation will play a leading role in increasing people’s well-being, alleviating poverty, and social exclusion by providing equally accessible dental care.

Naeratuse Eest SH

Our Story

The charity foundation Naeratuse Eest was established on 27.01.2017 with the aim of supporting the coverage of dental care expenses of people in need of dental care in Estonia and informing the residents about the importance of oral hygiene and dental health care.

The idea to create the fund came primarily from their previous experience in dental care and the high cost of treatment. The decisive stimulus came after the Kanal2 TV show “Roald’s Week”, which covered the poor dental situation of the Estonian people and the impact it has on their daily lives and coping.

We can often meet people who never smile on the streets, in shops, at work, and at home. It is not always because of a bad mood, but rather due to the fact that their teeth have decayed or do not exist at all.

Many, whose teeth need treatment, do not have sufficient financial means. While people earning the average salary in Estonia also complain about the high cost of dental care, it is many times more difficult or completely impossible for people earning the minimum wage, or a wage close to it, to pay for their dental care. However, when it comes to choosing whether to buy food for yourself and your children or go to the dentist, food is the first choice.

In the Estonian health care system, the coverage of the costs of dental care is left to each individual (from 01.07.2017, the EHIF reimburses 30 euros/year). Compared to other healthcare services, which are equally reimbursable and available to both high- and low-paid people, inequalities in dental care are growing. Only economically prosperous people can afford it.

That is why we also invite you to do good and support the dental care of low-income Estonians!

Together we can contribute to the reduction of inequalities that have arisen in connection with people’s place of residence and/or low wages, and due to which not all Estonian people are able to use an essential and important health service.