How does I Help Estonia distribute the donations?

We are transparent and clearly understandable

We distribute the donations received between these organizations


    • Women’s Support and Information Center (Naise Tugi- ja Teabekeskus MTÜ)
    • Eestimaa Sünnitusmajade Toetusfond
    • Doktor Kloun MTÜ
    • Naeratuse Eest SA
    • Naerata Ometi MTÜ
    • Junior Achievement Estonia
    • Do Good MTÜ
    • NPO Estonian Association of Large Families (Eesti Lasterikaste Perede Liit MTÜ)
    • Laste ja Noorte Kriisiprogramm MTÜ

We believe that everyone, regardless of their size, needs support!

What exactly can they do with these donations that would have otherwise been impossible? We will add news about it soon!